"The adventures of Kalevi Finduson"

A preface

Creativity does not come from convenient tools designed for everyone. It's amazing how current music software is advertised in terms of results. Because what you hear was also possible with the software from 15 years ago. It does not matter whether this has become even better in detail Role in the artistic quality of current music. In addition, current musician's tools are much more vulnerable become. KeyGen issues, crashes, compatibility issues. It's not fun, and so is the manufacturer's support is a disaster. You can write to whoever you want nobody answers. An old stable setup is a good one Decision. And when should creativity actually start, if you are now in the freeware segment terabytes Get sample packs? How many months should you be there listen through? You hardly find anything new either, basically the same as on the sampling CDs from the 90s. It's hard to believe but nowadays there is always still new TR-808 Drumcomputer samples. How often? The sound has not changed for over 40 years.

"You shouldn't take things too seriously,

otherwise it will involuntarily get weird at some point."

The idea

SciFi, Movie, Vintage, classic, analog, Synthesizer, ANS, sovjet, Space

With state-of-the-art software it is now no challenge to create realistic worlds virtually. It just devours a lot of money. It is much more interesting to create such things with objects that are present in the household. That also gives the thing a slightly comical and nostalgic character. But that makes it charming. Such a feeling is no longer perceptible with current Hi End SciFi films. So you take vegetables, baking ingredients, toilet paper, and a few simple vector graphics and try them.

The story

SciFi, Movie, Vintage, classic, analog, Synthesizer, ANS, sovjet, Space

(photo: a small sand castle on a beach on baltic sea)

There is no real story. Only after the editing of the entire film was a possible description of the action that was taking place written from the visible result, which is presented as follows: "While most people are sleeping, experts on the planet "Quodouq" in the metropolis of "Plechovkavice" City have been evaluating and determining data all night that the Intertransmedialit (secret secret service code for Asteorid) "Wadolodaw" is heading for Earth. Presumably "Wadolodaw" was artificially influenced by the dark forces of the planet "Ratukaninakutar". The Vectorians from the planet "Pitomigawagimotip" are trying to take advantage of the situation for themselves by wanting to take possession of Wadolodaw. because they suspect a treasure in him. Our hero Kalevi Finduson is called to save the situation, which he does together with his friends from the planet Dölagalöd. However, this is far away. As a former secret agent of the former secret Finnish secret service, he has secret knowledge Kalevi Finduson finds the solution with the interstellar force shield Sykibikys, a monotransmedial comparator. This is able to steer the asteroid onto a different path by means of isospectral stellar waves. With his spaceship "Redokoder" he goes on long and adventurous journeys. . . "

The Making of

SciFi, Movie, Vintage, classic, analog, Synthesizer, ANS, sovjet, Space

(photo: this is a celery head)

The implementation of the comic is based on simple techniques but with unusual means. A combination of computer graphics and real scenes. As easy as a few decades ago. And that's the point. It inspires the imagination and creativity. In contrast to today's "possibilities" in which everyone can choose more or less suitable elements from hundreds of gigabytes of graphic or acoustic libraries. Of course you have to consider the enormous time frame until you have rummaged through such gigantic libraries. But back to the movie.

SciFi, Movie, Vintage, classic, analog, Synthesizer, ANS, sovjet, Space

(photo: this is toilet paper after a winter outside)

Of course you can design an ice landscape or a planet in a complex and super realistic way on the computer. But if you take a closer look around the kitchen, you will see that there are many things that can be used in the opposite proportions in the film. A celery inevitably reminds you of the planet Jupiter. The ingredients of a dumpling make a great ice landscape. It is basically so simple that anyone can do it.

The Soundtrack

SciFi, Movie, Vintage, classic, analog, Synthesizer, ANS, sovjet, Space

(photo: this is a jpg pattern for Virtual ANS Synthesizer)

Numerous titles were produced for the film music in order to have a diverse selection for the respective scenes. Four titles were taken from the first film music, as these are the intro and the outro, as well as a title based on the “hypnotic percussion system” and a title with the singing sheep. Two fixed sets were used for the titles with the Virtual ANS. Thus, all titles have a similar atmosphere and the entire sound is homogeneous. Choirs and spherical sounds as well as old synthesizers * were used for the additional instruments. For the film music an album had already been recorded with typical sounds for SciFi films. But recently “Solaris” was picked up in a Russian music video. When researching this classic film, the ANS synthesizer got a closer look. A musical instrument with huge dimensions and a special concept that produces a special sound. The typical Russian SciFi sound of the 70s. And ideally this instrument is available as a software emulation with the name "Virtual ANS". This plays a special role in the new film music. First, new graphic patterns were created, which are the basis of the sound generation for the synthesizer. Numerous audio sequences were created with it. These were assigned to the film sequences according to the sound character. Almost 20 titles were then produced for the film. Most of these titles were edited according to the same principle. The audio sequences were given large reverb effects on the one hand and additional tracks with vocoder, choirs, strings and old synth sounds on the other. For the most part, freeware or old synths were used. In addition to some very up-to-date software, it should be said at this point that the average age of most hardware and software is around 15 years. That guarantees a creative process. Usually the simplest methods produce the best results.

SciFi, Movie, Vintage, classic, analog, Synthesizer, ANS, sovjet, Space

(photo: this is frozen potato soup)


* old synthesizers. This also includes virtual instruments, so-called software emulations. The software instruments that were used for this film music are partly over 15 years old. So you can call it an “old synthesizer”.